29 Million SHIBs Burnt In The in the last 24 hours, accompanied by 17 percent Weekly Fall-thecoinleaks

29 Million SHIBs Burnt In The in the last 24 hours, accompanied by 17 percent Weekly Fall

A recent report from the @shibburn’s tracking service indicates that within the last day, 21.7 million SHIB have been sent to a variety of digital wallets that are dead. Apart from monitoring SHIB burning transactions the company also destroys tokens too.


In addition there is an additional SHIB Burn platform announced that they’ve burned 6.5 million coins in the last few days. Meanwhile prices of the second-largest canine cryptocurrency according to size of market cap, Shiba Inu, has fallen by around 17%.

29 million SHIB gone for good

The Twitter account @shibburn has announced that in the past 24 hours the total number of 21,731,142 SHIB tokens have been taken from circulation. A further 1,882,892 SHIB were burned in the last hour.


The SHIB were moved to dead wallets which is why they’re currently locked indefinitely without the possibility of spending or transferred to another account. There were 12 transaction for the transfer of the SHIB to wallets that are not spendable.


It is the Shibburn platform aggregates information on SHIB burn transfers derived from the etherscan tracker and then puts it on their website so that it can be easily accessed.


A different team comprised of SHIB burn enthusiasts have reported that they destroyed around 7.5 millions SHIB.


152.4 millions SHIB burned in the last week

According to U.Today on Sunday the week before there were 152,439,298 Shiba Inu currency tokens have been transferred in “inferno” wallets and then locked indefinitely.

ETH whales purchase 105.8 billion SHIB in the plunge

Based on data from TradingView in the last week that trading on the Shiba Inu price has plummeted by nearly 17%, falling to $0.00002738 and $0.00002323. As of now, SHIB has gained 6.27 percent and is traded at $0.00002420 at the Binance exchange.


On February. 25th, two significant Ethereum whales purchased a total 105.8 billion Shiba Inu. These whales were ranked 1st and 12th on WhaleStats. WhaleStats database platform. Investors bought fifty billion dollars and 55.8 million worth of SHIB and the price was falling.


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