Daily 20+ Bitcoin ATMs were installed in March 2022 globally

Daily 20+ Bitcoin ATMs were installed in March 2022 globally- The Coin Leaks

The Coin Leaks News: As the use of cryptocurrency grows more widespread, the players in the cryptocurrency industry are creating infrastructure to ease the transition like Bitcoin ATMs.

Based on the recent data, 686 Bitcoin ATMs were set up across the globe in March 2022. The number increased from 36,023 on March 1 and 36,709 by April 1.

This means the fact that there were 22 Bitcoin ATMs had been installed each day in the month of March alone, as the amount of Bitcoin machines added over time is growing. Total number of ATMs that are crypto all over the world was 36,733 as of 11 April according to the statistics supplied from Coin ATM Radar.

Consider that there are a few Bitcoin ATMs are tracked by CoinAtmRadar The real amount could be much greater.

The global growth of Bitcoin ATM installations

The growing amount of Bitcoin ATMs operating shows how crucial these machines are becoming as cryptocurrency gains recognition and acceptance across the globe.

Particularly particularly, in particular, United States is the country with the most Bitcoin ATM installations.

Finbold reported in a previous report that 20,000 brand new Bitcoin ATMs were set up in 2021. That’s over 50 ATMs per day. In the end, both providers and investors may be feeling confident about the future of the sector, despite the most popular digital asset still being a good distance from its historic record.

Stay clear of KYC procedures

Bitcoin ATMs are a popular choice for crypto investors seeking to make money from the asset , while not having to go through the cumbersome Know Your Customer (KYC) standard procedures on trading platforms.

But, this anonymity has led to being the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) having ordered the operators of ATMs that accept cryptocurrency in the country to close their machines to customers if they want to be protected from legal actions.

“We are worried regarding crypto ATM machines that are operating throughout the UK and are calling the operators and requesting that they shut down or they will face further action,” the FCA said.

Otherwhere, Singapore made drastic changes to stop the advertising of digital assets by cutting off Bitcoin ATMs as part of an effort to curb crypto-related ads.

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