NFT Collector Accidentally sold $1.2M Rock for $0.0012- the coin leaks

NFT Collector Accidentally sold $1.2M Rock for $0.0012

If you’re thinking that you’re experiencing a difficult week, take a moment to think to that NFT collector who lost the entirety of his wealth “in just a single click.”

DinoDealer states that he in mind to sell the Ether Rock for 444 ETH which is worth an astonishing $1.2 million at today’s rates.

Instead, he mistook this with the lesser denomination of Ether that is, it was being advertised as being available on OpenSea at 444 WEI.

Before DinoDealer realized his mistake the bot took the rock at $0.0012 — then immediately began to offer an NFT to the market for 234 Ethereum. If it was sold, this could yield a revenue of around $650,000.

In a post via Twitter DinoDealer wrote:

“In one click my entire net worth of $1 million, gone. Is there any hope? Am I GMI? Can snipers show mercy?”

Bots are regularly looking for NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and then swoop in to take advantage of these mistakes. Unfortunately, the blockchain-based nature of cryptocurrency makes it difficult to find a option to correct the error or change the direction after a transaction has been completed.

It’s also a problem that transferring crypto between one account to the next typically involves a lengthy sequence of numbers and letters which increases the chance of making a typographical error.

DinoDealer has tried reaching at the owner of the bot in order to obtain the Ether Rock back pleading with their generous side. But, it seems that these messages have not fallen on ears hearing so far and more worryingly the victim has also encountered a variety of suspicious people who are promising refunds.

On Twitter, many users have reached out to DinoDealer to express their sympathy and some even offered (less significant) NFT rocks as a small gesture of appreciation.

However, DinoDealer appears to be trying to hide his blunder, stating:

“Crypto customer service?” Hello. Could I submit a reversal request?”

The moral is: If you’re selling an NFT or are nearing a major transfer of crypto from one account to another, make sure you check and double make sure you’ve completed everything properly. Even though transactions usually need to be completed in a hurry, taking the time to check things out could be the difference between a lifetime of regret.


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