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Opera Moves towards Web 3 by Integrating with Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, and Others

Opera, the company behind the first web3 browser that supports crypto wallets, has announced support for eight major blockchain ecosystems. Users now have access to the huge ecosystem of Polygon and Solana dApps, as well as the benefits of Layer 2 DeFi via StarkWare powered DiversiFi. Access Ronin allows them to tend to their Axies.

Today’s launch includes access to PoS and Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems, Polygon and StarkEx. These blockchains allow users to benefit from lower gas prices and faster transactions, while also minimizing their carbon footprint. They can still leverage Ethereum’s strong decentralization and security.

The integration of multiple blockchains and notably Layer 2s is a key strategy in Opera’s mission to remain chain agnostic and seamlessly onboard millions of users to Web3 and to do so in an environmentally-conscious way.

“Ever since our 2018 start in the Web3 space, we have been forming partnerships with the most innovative and cutting-edge blockchains and web3 domain providers to speed up crypto’s progress from proof of concept to mass adoption. Web3 is rapidly becoming a standard web technology, and users will not even know that they are using it. They must have a better user experience and real benefits,” Jorgen Arnesen (EVP Mobile at Opera) stated.

Opera released the first public beta version for its Crypto Browser project in January 2022. It was available on desktop and mobile. The Crypto Browser Project is the ultimate Web3 browser experience. Opera launched the first browser to integrate cryptocurrency wallets and basic Web3 support in 2018. The Crypto Browser Project, which also includes Crypto Corner, marks the start of a new journey towards a dedicated Web3 experience. This is happening now.


Integration with Polygon is a key strategy in Opera’s mission to seamlessly onboard millions of users to Web3 and to do so in an environmentally-conscious way. Polygon is a popular Ethereum scaling solution that developers and users alike love because it’s flexible, scalable and extremely low-cost. The browser developer quickly integrated the project to provide a simple and efficient way for users and developers to interact with Polygon, despite Ethereum gas fees rising to unsustainable levels.


Major web browsers started to work towards native blockchain features during 2020’s DeFi explosion. Many have incorporated different levels of blockchain functionality since then. Opera’s inclusion Solana is a significant win over major competitors in this sector.

Opera users will be able access the entire Solana ecosystem including all decentralized apps (dApps), currently hosted on blockchain. These apps include decentralized exchanges (DEXs), such as Raydium and Solend, NFT marketplaces, and music streaming apps. Opera will be integrating the Opera Wallet with the Solana ecosystem, but users will need to connect to the Phantom wallet.

Opera, along with Solana and Polygon, is allowing access to Ethereum’s Layer-2 ecosystem through StarkWare-powered StarkEx, and the decentralized exchange DeversiFi. This integration allows users to access efficient, low-cost transactions that are more than 100 times faster and cheaper than the Ethereum mainnet.

Opera also announced support for Ronin, the Ronin blockchain. This is home to Axie Infinity, the popular GameFi project. It’s one of the most successful decentralized gaming spaces. Nervos and IXO are also included in the integration. Celo, Nervos, IXO and Bitcoin are also included.


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