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Solana-based game ‘DeFi Land’ launches single-sided staking

The game, which is based on the Solana region, “DeFi Land” has introduced single-sided staking after its first NFT drop Gen-0 which was sold in just 80 seconds.

The introduction of single-sided staking is a major step forward to the multi-chain GameFi simulator for agriculture since it lets its users stake DFL tokens and earn instant cash rewards.

The entire staking options are accessible within the game, and they maintain their appeal within the Omni-directional DeFi Land interface.

The staking option includes both different staking options, including locked and flexible in addition to the fact that flexible stakes have the added advantage of not having to stake when needed and the lock option will encourage the long-term DFL owners to stake their stakes and contribute to the ecosystem, which results in an increase in APR.

The reward system will be based on the amount of tokens played and the time span for staked. Users can stake $DFL from both the game as well as the dedicated website.

An estimated 7,500 seed NFTs were accessible to users who were whitelisted during the eight-hour timeframe.

The team sold the remaining of the NFTs in the public sale. The sale ended with less than two mins because of overwhelming demand.

This means that Defi Land NFTs are on lots of people’s radars, and can enable play-to-earn game mechanics. Additionally, the volume of trading in secondary marketplaces was over 15,000 $SOL in just one day, signalling the growing enthusiasm for these tokens.


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