Unstoppable Domains Introduced Humanity Check- the coin leaks

Unstoppable Domains Introduced Humanity Check

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain-based domain name or Web3 domain name provider where you can find .nft,.bitcoin,.X,.wallet, etc domain with lifetime access.

The motto of Unstoppable Domains is to return the power of the internet to people.

Now they have introduced a new feature into their ecosystem which is Humanity Check and it is 100% Opt-In.

Humanity Check is an identity layer that can be attached to your Unstoppable Domain. It’s a verified and private layer. Humanity Check allows you to prove that you are a unique individual to an app, and to earn rewards.

How this will benefits you?

  • Privacy
  • This adds a layer of verification while protecting user privacy. Apps verify your identity using a unique ID number that Humanity Check has created. This is not personal information. Unstoppable has no access to the data you have shared through the Humanity Check process.

  • Complete control
  • You have complete control over the data they provide and with which apps it is shared.

  • Fast and Easy
  • It takes only a few minutes to complete the verification process. Each NFT domain must be verified once. Once verified, you can use it across all apps forever.

  • Reward system
  • People who have completed the Humanity Check will soon receive a Humanity Check verification for their Unstoppable Domain account. This will allow them to unlock new reward programs both on our platform and in Login-integrated applications. This verification model, which incentivizes users privacy, is available to more Web3 companies. Stay tuned to see what UD early adopters will unlock.

Unstoppable domain has partnered with Persona which is an identity verification company to verify identity. Persona is the leader in the identification verification space and works with crypto platforms such as BlockFi, Swan, and DAO Maker.

With Humanity Check, log in with Unstoppable-integrated applications can solve Sybil attacks while elevating customer experience and engagement.

They have worked a lot to create new identity verification solutions and robust KYC solutions. This increases app complexity. Humanity Check will allow apps to offer fair, honest, and fraud-free experiences as well as reward programs that “one per-person” reward to the community. This allows apps to incentivize members and build large communities while keeping their focus on user delight, not technical development.

Adrien Peng the CEO of Cook Finance has stated, “Login With Unstoppable fundamentally gives members a better login system, and Humanity Check will unlock an avenue for us to reward members who are more engaged in meaningful ways and at scale.”

You can easy to access Humanity Check you can check developer document or submit an application for Humanity Check
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