vEmpire Stakes $18 Million Profit Because of NFT Sales in 2021-The Coin Leaks

vEmpire Stakes $18 Million Profit Because of NFT Sales in 2021

The Decentralized Metaverse DDAO, a DDAO that is based in an outstanding performance in 2021, with an annualized profit of more than $18.5 million, driven to gains on metaverse properties selling NFTs, and Staking investments. The annual report, produced by vEmpire is a detailed account of its staking strategies that are implemented throughout Ethereum, Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Starlink that resulted in earnings that were not realized, which topped 4 million dollars in the final quarter of 2021.

As the first to adopt the Metaverse, VEmpire’s NFT sales totalled an additional $500,000 , which was then augmented by newly acquired investments approximately 90% of the market value.

In 2022, the goal of vEmpire will be to promote the growth of Metaverses and to decentralize them. VEmpire’s ETH pool provides users to gain access to the costly but lucrative blue-chip NFT protocols such as Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Dom Ryder, the founder of vEmpire Dom Ryder, the founder of vEmpire, said, “Our users have contributed to the staking of tens of millions of dollars worth of Metaverse tokens on our platform. This has allowed us to construct an uncentralized Metaverse investment portfolio , which is the biggest in the market. Overall , we are very happy with our performance and the high-quality assets we’ve taken on over the last quarter. I am happy to report that we are ahead of schedule for the rest of our road map. We’re still very late to the metaverse.”

VEmpire’s Metaverse strategies for staking offered investors with the chance earning passive revenue from their investments with high-quality opportunities such as play-to-earn games as well as event planning and hosting.

VEmpire’s ETH Staking Pool was launched with 518.7 ETH. The value, determined by the lowest equivalent floor of the asset, is 1,021.5 ETH, nearly doubling in value. Additionally, VEmpire’s Metaverse Staking options within Metaverses such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Starl and many others permit investors to take part in the early allocation and investment in significant plots within Metaverses.

The goal of vEmpire’s first quarter of 2018 is to increase the liquidity of the protocol’s Staking pools. After a hugely successful 2021year, vEmpire intends to expand long-term investment possibilities through new blockchain-based utility, blockchain-agnostic stake pools, and other collaborations.


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