Intel Launches Blockscale, A New Bitcoin Mining Chip- The Coin Leaks

Intel Launches Blockscale, A New Bitcoin Mining Chip

The Coin Leaks News: Intel has revealed details of the bitcoin mining chip it is launching called known as the Intel Blockscale ASIC, which is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2022.

Intel’s chip, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency it will run at up 26 J/TH of energy efficiency.

The chipmaker will provide customers only with the ASIC ship instead of an entire mining system, as is it is currently the norm in the field.

Intel today released details of the company’s new Bitcoin mining device, called the Intel Blockscale ASIC which aims to improve the effectiveness of Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining using its decades of development and research in the related fields according to the press release that was sent via Bitcoin Magazine.

“The Intel Blockscale ASIC is going to play a significant contribution to helping mining bitcoin companies to achieve sustainability as well as goals for scaling hash rates in the coming years,” said Jose Rios director of Blockchain and Business Solutions in the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group of Intel.

Intel will supply its customers with just the ASIC chip instead of an entire ASIC mining system like is typical in the field.

The Blockscale ASIC chip will deliver up to 580 gigahashes every second (GH/s) of hash rate , with as high as 26 joules for every terahash (J/TH) in power efficacy. It can also allow up to the capacity of 256 integrated circuits per chain, as well as with on-chip temperature- and voltage-sensing features.

So, a mining system consisting of more than 256 Intel Blockscale ASIC chips would be able to produce a total of the equivalent of 148 TH/s. It would also consume approximately 3860 milliwatts (W) of energy. The most powerful air-cooled mining system of the current marketplace leader Bitmain produces 140 TH/s and has an energy usage of 3010 watts, which results in 21.5 J/TH of power efficiency.

The bitcoin mining industry is suffering from inadequate ASIC supply because of the present shortage of chips in the world. More than just competing with the current market leaders and to offer the most energy efficient product, Intel will arguably add value to the mining industry in the near to medium long term through increasing the supply of mining equipment. With the reduction of constraints the long-term competitive landscape will focus on performance and the price of owning.

Intel’s deliveries will include a reference design for hardware and a software stack to kick-start the development of customers’ systems. Argo Blockchain, Block, Inc., Hive Blockchain and GRIID Infrastructure are among the first mining firms to be able to access Intel’s next chip, which will start shipping in the third quarter of 2022. Intel has said that it will partner with potential customers that share its sustainable goals beginning in 2023.

Intel has been in the news in January, when it announced for a talk at the ISSCC conference on the “ultra-low-voltage efficient and energy-efficient bitcoin mining ASIC.” The panel included Intel’s previous ASIC research and development, and later during the same month, the company announced the new chip, called the Blockscale ASIC will be available this year.


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